Files, forms and documents that can be downloaded


Soaring Over The Garden of Eden.pdfArticle by Robert John ( London Gliding Club) after his visit to Edensoaring in September 2009
ClubChairmanUpdateMar17.pdfBGA Club Chairman Update 2017
newslettersep16.pdfBGA Newsletter September 2016
EG_AD_2_EGNC_8-5_en_2009-03-12.pdfCarlisle Approach
DesPearce-EnterpriseFlight.pdfDes Pearce Enterprise Flight
edensoaringposter.pdfEdenSoaring Poster
Edensoaring Fees Slip+Calculator.xlsxFees Slip and Calculator
Airfield Flying Orders V3.2.pdfFlying Order Book 2016
Gift Aid Form Support 2012.pdfGift aid support form
3AD_JBevan.igcJ Bevan IGC trace flying in the Helm
Membershipform2017.pdfMembership Form 2017
NewcastleBGA.pdfNewcastle BGA Agreement
SiteMap.jpgSite map showing roads and location
SpadeadamGliding.pdfSpadeadam Gliding Areas
TrialLesson2017.pdfTrial Lesson Form 2017
Warcop-Access_Days_2016.pdfWarcop access days 2016
winch1.jpgWinching Instructions Page 1
winch2.jpgWinching Instructions Page 2

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