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Due to unforseen circumstances, Edensoaring is currently closed and will remain closed for the rest of the season.
We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to welcoming members and visitors in 2022

The Hills are waiting!

All outstanding vouchers can be redeemed as soon as we start flyng again. Alternatively, if you contact us we will be happy to process a refund.

Adventure in the Eden Valley

What is Gliding?

Gliding is to fly gracefully and silently without the vibration and noise of an engine. Modern gliders are reliable and very strong - stronger than the equivalent sized power plane yet their slender wings allow them to glide smoothly, climbing in the air as it passes over the mountains. Most gliders have a single-seat (i.e. just carry a pilot) but we have two-seaters that allow you to fly with a BGA qualified instructor. Gliding can be as exciting and challenging as you want it to be and most people’s response is “wow, that was amazing!” so why not treat a loved one or have a look at our Trial Lesson offers, short courses or consider joining yourself. [read more]

"Wow - That was amazing!."

The short video below demonstrates the amazing views. A very nice video by Soaring Keith of Bowland Forest GC.

The Eden Gliding Club is a community amateur sports club, operated and run by volunteers. All of our instructors are BGA qualified with lots of experience. Why not come down, join in and experience for yourself what flying in the Cumbrian mountains feels like.

Membership fees and flying costs can be found in our flying fees.
If you need somewhere to stay then check out the local accommodation

John Castle CFI

Community Amateur Sports Club     British Gliding Association

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Skelling Farm
CA10 1RL

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Imagine flying silently over the Cumbrian mountains. [more]
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Latest News

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Edensoaring Permanent Closure (21/09/21)
It is with a heavy heart that the Directors have made the decision to close Edensoaring permanently. This has come about as we could not get insurance cover and our funds were drying up due to no i...

2021 Update (15/06/21)
Unfortunately we have not been able to secure adequate insurance for the Club so we must remain mothballed until further notice. There is no point in us approaching insurers until the liability cla...

2021 season update (14/05/21)
Unfortunately Edensoaring has been unable to open so far in 2021. Due to an unresolved liability claim we are currently unable to get fleet insurance and therefore cannot fly the K13s to train peop...

Phoebus 17C (07/12/20)
The Phoebus 17C donated to Edensoaring by Don Austin is now at the workshop in Denbigh and will be ARCd ready for the 2021 season. This is a 1/42 glide angle fibreglass aircraft which will suit exp...

2020 and 2021 (07/12/20)
Due to Covid 19 and the financial implications it brought we have been unable to operate from Skelling Farm this year. Some members have done a bit of flying at other Clubs that were able to operat...

The 2019 Season ends (15/10/19)
Sadly we have reached the end of the 2019 season a little early due to water logging of parts of our airfield. The unprecedented rainfall of the last few weeks forced us to take this decision f...


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